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Jobs That Require First Aid And CPR Training

There are a lot of benefits to learning basic first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. Not only can you help people that you may come across every day, but having this on your resume can help you to get the job of your dreams. Some jobs you may not even think about require employees with these valuable skills. If you are applying for a job, it can be beneficial to take a first aid and CPR course if it is in the following industries.

Health Related Field

The most common field that people have to use these skills is in a health related field. While being a receptionist in a doctor's office might not seem like a place to know this, it can come in handy if someone comes in while having an emergency. Being able to lend a hand until a doctor or nurse can come help may just make all of the difference. Gyms and physical therapy offices often have injuries too, where no doctor is on call to help. First aid skills can help you know how to wrap a broken arm, and knowing how to stop bleeding for a cut helps you to provide better help no matter your position in a health business.

People Care

Taking care of people no matter their age usually requires these life saving skills. Working in child care at home or in a daycare means that you need to know how to handle choking, allergic reactions, and basic cuts and bruises. If you know CPR, you can save a child's life too. The same principles go with working as a social worker or retirement home as well. Paramedics are not always on site, so you may make the difference between life and death for one of the people around you.


While it may not be a requirement for all school districts, knowing first aid and CPR is beneficial in the classroom. You never know when disaster will strike. Not every child is going to get hurt only when using scissors or at recess. There are so many risky situations that could happen to a student during school hours and school nurses are short staffed. Having a certified individual in the classroom is a big benefit to everyone. It definitely can give you an edge when applying for the job too.

Hospitality Positions

There are many jobs available in the hospitality field that would benefit from knowing first aid and CPR. Whether you are in a restaurant or behind a hotel desk, there are people who may need your help. Choking on food, burns and cuts, or having a child drown while no lifeguard is on duty are all possible situations in these businesses. Having someone on the grounds who can give immediate aid is very beneficial to these businesses.

For more information, contact Southwest Florida Safety Council Inc. or a similar organization.

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