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Two Keys To Managing A Group Field Trip Like A Pro

If you've been called upon to manage a group field trip, you're probably excited on one hand and anxious on the other. Handling a large group of people can be a lot like trying to organize a brace of ducks, with everyone wanting to go in different directions as once. Don't let your feathers get ruffled. Here are six ways to manage a group field trip like a pro.

1. Incorporate Two Guided Tours

When your group is taking a field trip together, it wouldn't be fair to ask everybody to stay together the entire time. People naturally want to explore on their own and have time to absorb the surroundings on a personal level. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for losing group members in the bustle.

Incorporate two guided tours that everyone must partake in. The first one should take place when you arrive. This gives members of the group a chance to get a feel for the lay of the land. Schedule a second guided tour for the end of the day, just before you all head back home as a group. After the first guided tour, allow members to wander freely, but make sure everyone knows when to get back so they can join the second tour. By the end of that second one, your group will automatically be together again and everyone will be accounted for.

2. Reserve a Bus Charter

There are lots of ways to transport your group to their destination, including a caravan of volunteer drivers with minivans and SUVs. However, that's a great way to lose entire sets of your group. It also involves the complication of everybody being able to find suitable parking spaces.

A much better mode of group transportation is a bus charter like Rochester Shuttle Express. With a bus charter, all the members of your group travel together, and you can more easily ensure that everyone is boarded before you return home. Bus charters are available in different sizes; they aren't all the size of yellow school buses. Bus charters come with their own driver and insurance coverage. Gas mileage and tolls will be extra and will likely appear as a separate line item on your final bill. The bus charter process is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Make the reservation
  • Tell them when and where the bus can pick up your group
  • Give the destination address and timeframe for the event
  • Tell them the time you'd like to return home.

Just doing these two simple things will swing the odds in your favor when you manage your next group field trip.

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