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Breaking Down The Two Biggest Myths About Taxis

Unless you live in a fairly large city, like New York or Chicago, you probably don't use cabs that often.  Here are a few myths you probably entertain without even knowing it.

Myth #1: It's Impossible To Predict How Much You Will Be Charged

Many people think it is impossible to predict how much you will be charged for a taxi ride. People often wrongly assume that a taxi driver can charge whatever they want.

That is not true. Most taxis have a set amount that you owe as soon as you set foot in the cab. This amount does not generally run more than a couple of dollars. From there, most taxi companies use one of two different methods to figure out your payment.

  • By Time: Some taxi companies charge you based on how much time it takes to get to a destination. They will charge a set rate for every minute that it takes to reach your destination.
  • By Miles: Other taxi companies charge you based on how many miles away your destination is. You will be charged a specific rate for every quarter or half mile, depending on the company.

You can call up the taxi company you are interested in using before hand to discover how they charge rates. From there, you can easily look at a map and figure out how long it would take to get to your destination or how far away your destination is. You can use that information to figure out how much you will have to pay for a taxi ride. With the right information, you can predict exactly how much your taxi ride will cost.

Myth #2: You Can Only Pay A Taxi Driver In Cash

Many people still think that they have to have cash on them in order to pay their taxi driver. However, this is a very outdated notion. Today, all cabs come equipped with a card reader. All you have to do is swipe your debit card or credit card to pay your bill.

Most cab companies accept all major credit cards.

There are even cab companies that allow you to pay using your phone. You can pay directly from your bank account, or use a third party billing service to pay for your ride.

Even if you do not use a taxi every day, you should know how a taxi service works so you know what to expect if you ever need one. Taxi companies charge set rates based on either time or mileage for your ride. Additionally, if you don't have cash, you can use plastic to pay your bill. For more information, check out companies such as Independent Taxi.

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