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Four Ways To Use Shuttle Services For Your Next Vacation

You probably already know that shuttle service to your hotel is a stress-free way to arrive at your destination after a long day of traveling, but there are many other ways to take advantage of shuttle services for your vacation. Shuttle service to a range of vacation destinations can cut down on the cost of renting a car, plus it puts the navigation to your area's hottest destinations in the hands of the professionals. Here are just a few ways to use shuttle services to your advantage on your next vacation.

Shopping Adventures

Many shopping malls and shopping districts near major metropolitan areas offer shuttle services to and from city centers and areas where hotels are abundant. This makes it easy to shop 'til you drop without worrying about directions, parking, or renting a car. Your hotel's concierge can help you determine when the buses depart every day, so you can plan your extravagant shopping trip accordingly.

Theme Park Excursions

Ask anyone who has taken a family vacation to a popular theme park, and they will tell you that the parking lots are vast and confusing at many destinations. Once you do manage to navigate your way out of the parking lot, you'll still have to take a tram or bus to get to the park's front gates. You can eliminate all this frustration by taking a shuttle bus from your hotel to the theme park. Many of the popular resorts and hotels in areas like Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida offer this option for guests who want to visit the numerous theme parks without paying extra for parking or having to deal with the crowded parking lots.

Sporting Events

If you are traveling to watch your favorite team face their rivals in the playoffs, you can save time and get your own designated driver by using a shuttle bus service. Your hotel will have information about shuttle bus offerings for all the local sports arenas, so you can get to and from the big game with your friends without having to worry about who's driving and how to get to the big game. Your concierge may even be able to recommend party trolleys for special game events that let you get the most out of your trip.

Private Shuttle Bus Rental

In some cases, public shuttle bus services may not be available for the venue or event you want to visit. If you are traveling with a larger group of people, talk to your travel agent about renting a private shuttle bus. This is an excellent option for destination weddings, conventions, private parties, or any number of other special events you might like to attend. You and your guests can focus on getting ready for the big event, and you can arrive in style if you leave the work up to the private shuttle bus driver.

Consider taking a shuttle service to your next vacation destination. Plan ahead and make sure you leave the driving to the experts, so you can get the most out of your trip without having to rent a car and drive yourself around.  

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