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Is Your Best Friend Finally Turning 21? 4 Tips To Use A Party Bus To Turn Her Birthday Into An All-Day Event

Your best friend's 21st birthday is an event to celebrate, especially if she's the last girl in your group to hit this awesome milestone. While you may have already planned to take her out for her first legal drink, you also want to give her a party to remember. As you get started on planning her celebration, you can use these four tips to make her birthday party an all-day event that everyone remembers.

Get An Accurate Head Count

Party buses are the way to go when you want to keep everyone together for the entire celebration. However, you need to know that buses come in multiple sizes, and picking the right one makes a difference for being sure that everyone has enough room to enjoy the ride. Ask your friends to RSVP beforehand, and make sure they tell you if they are bringing anyone extra along so that there are no surprises.

Hit Multiple Venues

Bar crawls are popular for 21st birthday celebrations, but your friend might be interested in doing some other activities during the day. For instance, you could all enjoy a trip to the spa for some pampering services. With a designated driver waiting outside, your best friend can even indulge in a glass of wine or a mimosa without having to worry about driving. You could also hit up a few of your friend's favorite shops, or rev up the fun at a bowling alley. Whatever venues you pick, just make sure that they all align with your friend's interests so that she has fun everywhere you go.

Schedule Plenty of Time

Party bus rentals often go way over what everyone expected. This is because you and your friends will likely want to keep the party going once it hits full swing. When you arrange for your rental, make sure that you have a little extra time so that you don't have to worry about asking for an extension towards the end. This way, you can enjoy a truly worry-free evening as you celebrate your friend's milestone birthday.

One of the best things about planning your best friend's party is having the opportunity to go over the top. Whether your friend is the type to relax in the spa or would rather dance all night, you can be sure to be right by her side when you don't have to worry about being the one who drives. Once you schedule your bus rental, you can enjoy planning the rest of your event while knowing that all of the basic details are handled.

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