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Use A Mobility Vehicle When Transporting Members Of A Retirement Community

If medical appointments, group outings, and visits to a community center often involve you setting up hired transport for the residents of a retirement community, purchasing a shuttle bus can make your daily schedule easier to follow, plus you won't need to split up transport sessions and can accommodate everyone at once. Search for a shuttle bus that contains the setup that will work best for you and your clients' needs.

A New or Used Bus

A shuttle bus often looks like a miniature bus and may possess a raised rooftop, steps, and side and rear entry points, which will make this type of vehicle accessible for those with mobility issues or handicaps. Some shuttle vehicles possess the same style as an economy van, which will virtually be the same thing as a passenger van. However, shuttles in this style may include more rows of seats or a special area near the back of the vehicle that can be used to secure wheelchairs, luggage, and other items that are being transported.

A new shuttle vehicle that is for sale can be used immediately after purchasing one and if you are buying the van directly from a dealership, you can have some custom features added to the vehicle you choose, which will make each road trip more accommodating or comfortable. Tinted windows, a manual or automatic transmission, power locks and doors, ample side and rear mirrors, and a loading platform that is electrically operated are some custom features that you can consider.

If you look for a used vehicle, find out what the vehicle was previously used for and check under the hood and around the exterior and interior of the vehicle, to determine if any work will need to be done to repair damaged materials.

A Revised Way of Doing Things

Insure and register the vehicle that you purchase and plan on how you would like to implement the new mode of transportation. If you used to set up transportation based upon what each resident was in need of, you may find it much more productive to use a consistent schedule that includes visiting a specific place on a certain day.

For instance, if medical appointments are your priority, attempt to schedule them on the same day so that you only need to aid with loading and unloading the residents on one occasion. Set up a day for a social activity, which can be enjoyed at a local venue or at the community center. Post the transportation schedule in a common area, so that the residents of the retirement community will be aware of when you will be departing for each destination.

For more information about a shuttle bus for sale, contact a local seller.

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