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Let's Fly Away: Three Things To Know Before Your Airport Shuttle Pickup

Making a commute to the airport can definitely be a pain. Luckily, shuttle services provide travelers with a convenient and quick way to reach their destination without the hassle of having to drive their own cars. As you prepare for your pickup, there will be a few ways you can help ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Read ahead for three things to know before you embark on your shuttle trip. 

Preparing for Pickup

The day before your pickup, make sure that you'll be prepared and ready to go when your driver arrives. Your driver is on their own time limit so ensure that any luggage you will be taking is ready to go once they pull up. If you are meeting your driver at a hotel or similar location, make sure you know where the exact meeting spot will be beforehand. Often, drivers may meet customers in the valet area or near the hotel restaurant, for example. Additionally, create an inventory list of everything you need and print out a copy of your itinerary. This will help ensure that all necessary paperwork is within reach and not lost in a random suitcase. 

Getting an Early Start

When booking your airport shuttle, you might be surprised to see a pickup window much earlier than expected. This is because shuttle drivers will need to make frequent stops and account for the additional time needed to properly unload once you arrive at the airport. Shuttle drivers will typically visit a number of stops including yours, so remember that each passenger will need to have luggage loaded and securely enter the vehicle. Be patient with each stop and offer an empty space to sit for others to make the pickups go as quickly as possible. For longer commutes, you can also expect a stop at a rest area for any passengers that need a bathroom break or are in need of food and drinks. 


When it comes time to tip your shuttle driver, consider how helpful they were throughout the entire process. Did they arrive at the stated time? Did they assist you with your luggage and provide enough room for you to sit? Once at the airport, did they help you unload your luggage? Many drivers will often go above and beyond and wish you well on your trip or ensure everyone is comfortable during the drive. Tip accordingly to the service you were provided as gratuity is always appreciated. After all, this can definitely be a tough job, especially if there are multiple customers involved! 

For more information on airport shuttle services, contact a company near you.

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